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Unlocking Art with Le Meridien Visconti Rome

PHOTO: Entry into the La Galleria Nazionale (c) SeryKim

One of my favorite things to do in any city is to attend myself to a museum. There is something about the archival of beauty pieces of art, carried over from hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, which really speak to a culture. Typically, I lean towards old school art rather than contemporary so it was a real shock to me how much I enjoyed La Galleria Nazionale.

Through a strategic partnership with Le Meridien Visconti Roma, guests can make a quick walk over to La Galleria Nazionale for their "Unlock Art" program. Anyone booking at the hotel will get a complimentary guest pass by simply presenting the room key and the guest pass insert found in each guestroom.

PHOTO: The largest art installation at La Galleria Nazionale (c) Sery Kim

Once inside, art lovers will find one of the most impeccable spaces to display what I refer to as "accessible" contemporary art, i.e. the one where you look at a piece and figure out exactly what it is rather than the more discombobulated ones where you have no idea what is going on.

I really like this marble statute most because it is so large and intricate. It's hard to believe how long the artist must have focused to carve something weighing 15 tons! In fact, it is so large and heavy, the Museum has chosen to work around this since it is impossible to move.


PHOTO: Harry Gregory (the designer behind Le Meridien Visconti Roma) with our art guide (c) Sery Kim

I highly recommend you heading to the Museum by going through the Villa Borghese. It's about a 30-40 minute walk if you go straight up-and-through the lawns but there are quite a few steps. Either way, definitely worth a visit -- and what a cool partnership by Le Meridien Visconti Rome!!

PHOTO: Human Art (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: On the steps with Harry making me laugh (c) Sery Kim

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