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The best deal in Rome: Le Meridien Visconti Rome

PHOTO: The view from my top-floor suite at Le Meridien Visconti Rome (c) Sery Kim

As a woman who typically travels by herself, my foremost concern when I travel tends to be the safety and security of the hotel I stay at -- followed closely by the amenities and luxurious style offered. It's basically a 1(a) and 1(b) situation. Of course, I am quite fortunate I get to stay in the best, most luxurious hotels in the world. Naturally, this costs thousands of dollars. So, on the rare occasion, when i can find something which meet all of my most critical criteria (safety, security, amenities, luxury) I am surprised.

Enter the Le Meridien Visconti Rome.

Having recently gone through a multi-million dollar renovation to their 240 rooms, foyer, and exterior courtyard space, the hotel really sings with the kind of comfortable yet cutting-edge style which I am fond it. Harry Gregory, the charming and super talented head designer of London based ara Design International, transformed the spaces with a focus on unique fixtures -- gorgeous lighting which makes you want to purchase them -- and mid-century modern furnishing means a nightly rate of 110 euros is beyond a good deal.

Then, add to the fact, the hotel is within a 20-30 minute walk of all the major tourist attractions in Rome, and it's just a good deal, i't s GREAT deal!

PHOTO: The stylish interiors of the renovated guest rooms at Le Meridien Rome (c) Sery Kim

But, as I said, my 1(a) is safety and security and I always felt very safe and secure here so much so I spent far more time than I needed to inside. This also is a nod to the Le Meridien Hub, featuring the Longitude 12 Bar & Bistrot, a social gathering place for creative people to converse, debate and exchange.

PHOTO: One of the best Old-Fashioned's I have ever had (c) Sery Kim

At the Longitude 12 Bar & Bistrot, they feature one of the best Old-Fashioned's I have ever had in my life. Franz Zauner, Global Master Barista of Le Meridien, used the Bowmore Islay Single Matlt Whisky, my Old-Fashioned tasted sweet with the sexiest smoky aftermath. I relished each sip before I sat down to a gorgeous dinner lead by the Michelin skills of Chef Angelo Troiani.

Chef Troiani has curated a restoration of classic Roman food into the more basic hotel food items in the "lower" luxury range. My particular favorite was the Fiore di zucca alla romana ripieno di mozzarella di bufalo e alici di Cetara (Roman style courgette flower stuffed with buffalo's milk mozzarella and Cetar's anchovies) until I had a light, flavorful and truly magnificent Pollo e peperoni alla romana in vaso cottura (Roman-style chicken and peppers cooked in a pot). The dish was immensely flavorful yet super healthy. WOW. I wish I had taken a photo of the dish but it presented itself so blandly I thought I wouldn't need to.


The bland exterior of a pot held the punch of a wonderful surprise.

PHOTO: Fiore di zucca alla romana ripieno di mozzarella di bufalo e alici di Cetara

PHOTO: Tiramisu eclair (c) Sery Kim

Actually, I also really liked the intermezze course Pasta e fagioli, santoreggia e limone (Pasta and beans, savory and lemon) as well as the macaroons and Tiramisu eclair but particularly the raspberry chocolate macaroon.

PHOTO: Le Meridien Visconti Rome's Macaroons (c) Sery Kim

I didn't check out the gym since I have been walking 8-10 miles every day but there is also a gym there. Oh. But I did get a chance to check out all the suites and I will have to say be sure to check into the "Urban Suite" if you can. Corner suite with a window even in the closet! Really lovely!!

More on Le Meridien Visconti Rome tomorrow!!

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