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Thanks for having me on Good Day DC!

PHOTO: Me on the sound stage for FOX 5 DC's "Good Day DC" (c) Sery Kim

I haven't had nearly as much time to devote to being on one of my favorite morning shows, FOX 5 DC's "Good Day DC," so I was incredibly thankful I could join the show this morning to discuss some of my favorite restaurants in D.C. as well as some alternate Valentine's Day gifts. If you didn't get a chance to watch it live, I suggested (for high-end restaurants) KINSHIP or Metier as well as (for lower-end restaurant) HAZEL. All three restaurants are places I would love to go on Valentine's Day but, alas, if you haven't made reservations long in advance you can't get in.

PHOTO: The set of Good Day DC (c) Sery Kim

As for Valentine's Day gifts, I personally love flowers so floral arrangement with a mix of hydrangeas, roses and peonies would be absolutely dreamy (particularly if a dreamy man gave them to me), but I also think it's important to think outside of the box. This year, I recommended a great laundry/dry cleaning app called CLEANLY, a super cool new suitcase named G-RO, as well as a romantic staycation as the newly renovated Ritz Carlton Washington, D.C.

Of course, the penultimate dream is a romantic weekend away in Paris so ... if you are paying attention ... that's where I would like to be. ;-)


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