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N.Y.C.'s The Smith opens in D.C.

PHOTO: The Smith NYC's mac + cheese (c) Sery Kim

When I used to live in NYC, I would love to go to The Smith in Midtown and get myself the best mac + cheese in New York City. Just an absolute deluge of calories, butter, cheese, the perfect amount of cooked pasta, presented in a skillet, at such a heated temperature you can almost feel the heat pour through the take-out box when you are walking out. In fact, when I would have a bad day, sometimes I would just go to The Smith, sit at the bar, and eat some mac-and-cheese. GLUTTONY at its finest!

Now that I am in D.C., it was such a great surprise to learn that The Smith has opened a brand-new spot -- their first outside of N.Y.C. -- in D.C.'s Penn Quarter.

Located at 901 F. Street, Executive Chef Brian Ellis will showcase local ingredients in seasonally rotating American dishes as well as an extensive raw bar highlighting oysters sourced from nearby White Stone (Northern Neck, VA); Chunu (Smith Island Bay, VA); and Northeast varieties like Cotuit Bay (Cape Cod, MA). The robust menu is filled with items I love from NYC, like the mac-and-cheese, as well as shareable snacks – I don’t share the mac + cheese – like Butternut Squash Rings with harissa aioli.

Also, maybe because its D.C. and the city is known for lobbyists taking clients out to enjoy steaks, The Smith in D.C. will have plenty of steak options such as Skirt, NY Strip, Bone-In Ribeye, or Filet Mignon, served with fries and Green Peppercorn, Garlic Herb Butter, or Chimichurri Sauce.

Nightly specials like Fried Chicken and potato waffles on Wednesday; and Paella on Saturday will also be offered.

Look forward to checking it out tonight and seeing if D.C. lives up to N.Y.C.!

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