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My next review set: my obsession, J.K. Places

PHOTO: Courtesy of J.K. Place Roma (c) Sery Kim

Ever since I started in the world of travel writing in 2015, there have been a few experiences which have really stood out. I remember the first time I stayed at a Four Seasons property abroad, the impeccable Four Seasons Bosphorous, which remains my favorite Four Seasons property for the views, the service and of course the most amazing spa. There was my first cruise, the Seabourn Quest's month-long treak to Antarctica and Patagonia, which set the bar so absolutely high I will never again find another cruise to match it.

And then there was the J.K. Place Capri, an exquisite jewel box of a property in Italy's dream-like Amalfi Coast, which made me seriously want to become a hedge fund manager so I could buy it -- or at least replicate it -- outright.

PHOTO: Exterior of J.K. Place Roma courtesy of J.K. Place Roma

Ori Kafri, the owner of the boutique hotel brand J.K. Places, has created a brand so compelling it would behoove any traveler from going to J.K. Capri, J.K. Place (his first in Firenze) or J.K. Roma. Kind, to the point of overly generous, friendly, handsome and interesting, Ori's properties are impeccably designed with a staff who are just as courteous and warm as he is.

I am so thankful I will get a chance to get back to Rome in three weeks and add to my collection of J.K. hotels, the one in Rome: J.K. Place Roma.

PHOTO: The restaurant in J.K. Place Roma courtesy of J.K. Place Roma

Set in the heart of Rome, J.K. Place Roma invites guests to "discover the pleasures of luxury" and they have won more awards than I can even list in fulfilling these high standards. I can't wait to explore the property myself and report back. Be sure to read the blog for a full update!

PHOTO: The lobby of J.K. Place Roma courtesy of J.K. Place Roma

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