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Wheels up with a Chalet in the Sky: Air Canada x Fairmont

PHOTO: Our very own private jet re-created to resemble a chalet in the ski (c) Sery Kim

It's hard to imagine a trip which could start better than having your own private jet retro-fitted to resemble a chalet in the sky, in the ultimate mock-up of the apres-ski life. When I board the Air Canada JETZ, their all-business class charter flight from NYC to Canada, I wasn't really sure what to expect. My experience with all-business class flights has been solely limited to La Compagnie, which is the flight from NYC to Paris, and whatever I expected was spectacularly exceeded upon entry.

Each and every sheet was covered in a sheepskin throw, draping the entire interior of the plane in a pure white. Then, on each sheet was a cushy pillow as well as a surprisingly healthy "welcome gift" from ROOTS.

PHOTO: An abundance of welcome gifts from ROOTS (c) Sery Kim

ROOTS, a company I was not previously familiar with, designs apparel for both men and women and leathergoods, as well as a few other items. The beautiful bag in the background, made of genuine leather, is made by ROOTS as is everything in the photo above except for the hilarious book How to Be Canadian. Everything from luggage tags, to a new passport holder, as well as a beanie, ski socks, a scarf and a few other helpful items.

I love being spoiled and I can tell I am going to be really really REALLY spoiled on this trip hosted by the Fairmont family! I can't tell you how happy I am I was invited and my schedule permitted the trip!

Tonight, we are going to land in Ottawa and start the trip at Fairmont Chateau Laurier with cocktails and then a "Great Canadian Birthday Dinner," honoring the 150th birthday of Canada this year!

PHOTO: boarding Air Canada JETZ (c) Sery Kim

Be sure to tune into the blog all weekend for the latest and greatest! What a blessed life!

PHOTO: Apres in the Air luggage tag (c) Sery Kim

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