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Inauguration 2017: South Carolina State Society Ball

PHOTO: The winning shot

Last night I had a chance to really celebrate, for the first time, the Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. It's been a crazy few months but I love nothing more than spending an evening, dressed up in a ballgown, with a handsome man (midnight blue tux no less!), good friends, and plenty of champagne.

PHOTO: My official Inauguration invitation (c) Sery Kim

This Inaugural Season I chose to go to the South Carolina State Society Ball rather than the Texas State Society Ball, mostly because my dear friends during this campaign cycle chose the South Carolina State Society Ball but also because the venue -- National Portrait Gallery -- is one of my absolute favorite places in Washington, D.C.

PHOTO: My date with a President (c) Sery Kim

As with other events at the National Portrait Gallery, you are able to walk around the Museum (though without champagne) and it's such a beautiful way to enjoy a party. We started the evening easily by having absolutely no problem either getting there or getting INTO the Museum, a rare feat in D.C. during Inauguration, so many many MANY kudos to South Carolina State Society for getting check-in procedure sealed tight.

As for decorations, the conservatory foyer of the National Portrait Gallery doesn't actually require a lot of decoration. The South Carolina State Society chose to flood it with blue and purple lighting, which was perfect. It flooded the cavernous space with dimension to make it feel cozy rather than vast. Additionally, the great band meant everyone was in great cheer.

PHOTO: With my dear friend Caroline (c) Sery Kim

As for drinks and food, there were plenty of bars -- as well as bartenders -- meaning the lines for drinks were basically non-existent. On the main level were two square bars, and on the third floor was another, so the longest we ever waited for a drink was a few minutes. This is always the biggest issue at Inaugural balls. Considering this is my third Inaugural Season, in my previous two I have found the bars were just inadequate and after a few hours in the drinks were non-existent, particularly champagne.

Since I had a heavy snack earlier in the day, I didn't actually try any of the food -- my dress was sewn into me so I had to take every precaution so as not to bust out of it, ha! -- but I heard it was quite delicious. Mac'n'cheese and BBQ. Very southern and wonderful. There were also desserts but, again, I did not try it.

PHOTO: Stylish cuff-links (c) Sery Kim

Navigating through the three floors was quite convenient and it was great to run into so many friends. I had a delightful time and I comment the South Carolina State Society for truly putting together the best ball I have ever been to! They can definitely count on me to return again in four years!!

PHOTO: "Paris in DC," also known as a shot on the balcony (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: Too much fun (c) Sery Kim

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