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NYE Resolutions? Champagne Campaign 2017

PHOTO: Welcome to 2017 (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday started the first day of 2017 and it was pretty much the greatest first day I've ever had. Champagne, all day, with my DC family. Perfect weather. Spectacular sunset. Just a wonderful reminder to live 2017 with a mindset of JOY, to live fully in the moment.

Now, as for New Year's Resolutions, I don't make them anymore because they are always depressingly sad. It's the same "lose weight, write a book" that I have been doing for the past decade. So I stopped last year and when I thought about doing one this year, I decided my new year's resolution was NOT to make new year's resolutions. The only thing I would like to do this year is to travel to Japan and Korea. Otherwise I am just going to try and continue to be happy ... and I hope you are too! Be happy that is. ;-)

PHOTO: My best friend Marc (on the right) and his partner Mike (on the left) (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: Sunset at Harbour Square (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: Friends at sunset (c) Sery Kim

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