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Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

PHOTO: My niece this morning in her outfit bought and styled by her Aunt Sery (c) Sery Kim

As I woke up this morning tired from another busy day of activity, to an alarm on Christmas Day of all things, I was instantly reminded of the joy and reason for celebration for this holiday. Christ was born today and, while I hardly anyone's idea of a good Christian, I am grateful for the wonderous joy and meaning of today. I have been extra-ordinarily blessed this year to have my life filled with so many people who have loved me. Everything I needed, I received -- and, on top of that, I received even more.

PHOTO: My youngest brother, sister-in-in-law and my adorable 5 month old nephew Jackson Parker (c) Sery Kim

So as I stop by a few moments to consider what today means to me -- and to so many millions around the world -- I thank you all for giving to me abundantly the things which money can not buy. May today be yours in peace and may God grant us all the greatest of our heart's desires.

Merry merry MERRY Christmas!

PHOTO: My oldest friend's youngest child reading my Christmas card for breakfast (c) Sery Kim

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