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Welcome home! Thank you G-RO for my Christmas gift!

PHOTO: My new carry-on suitcase, the G-RO (c) Sery Kim

After an exhausting 12 hours of flying and being in-and-out of airports, with a long delay in Minneapolis due to the frigid cold, I was so happy to be back home. While traveling can be glamorous, nothing really beats the smell and the feel of being in your own place. This time, lucky me, I came home to quite a lot of packages and mail. Apparently Santa thought I had been a good girl this year and, in addition, to Christmas cards, clothes and even bedding, this gorgeous G-RO bag was waiting for me. Look at those gorgeous, over-sized, red wheels! SO EXCITED TO TRY IT ON MY NEXT TRIP!

Thank you G-RO for the gift! It may yet replace my trust-worthy, every faithful and extremely durable Rimowa!

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