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Soothing Second Day in Waikiki Beach at The Ritz Carlton Residences

PHOTO: Power breakfast at The Ritz Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to really enjoy the soothing and relaxing atmosphere here at The Ritz Carlton Residences. Of course, being me (someone who is always working 24/7), with an hour exception of walking around the hotel perimeter to get some fresh air, I spent the entire day doing work. In fact, the only difference from my "everyday"/"normal" life from my current trip to Waikiki is that I am one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world: Hawaii. Well ... that and I can call the Concierge to get fresh coffee as well as loads of creamer.

Since I am on East Coast time, I was up at 2:00 am in Waikiki yesterday. Three coffees and 7 1/2 hours later, it was time for breakfast. By the time it rolled around I was rather hungry, so hungry I was THIS close to ordering the entire left side of the menu. Just so I didn't embarrass myself, I narrowed my choices down to two: the Spinach and Gruyere omelet as well as the French Toast. Thank goodness the food at BLT, the casual, open-air restaurant next to the lobby, provides hearty and delicious food, which quickly filled me up. Every ingredient felt incredible alive and fresh! Nothing was remotely stale. You know what I am talking about: when you go to a restaurant the plates have sat too long or the potatoes have the feel of coming from a freezer. Not at The Ritz Carlton Residences. All food elements are chopped fresh daily and made-to-order.

PHOTO: Pina Colada in my pool cabana at The Ritz Carlton Residences (c) Sery Kim

After breakfast, I had the arduous schedule of going directly to the Spa. ;-)

The Spa at The Ritz Carlton Residences is above street-level in Waikiki, on the same floor as the lobby, six stories above ground to be exact. Three difference kinds of services are offered: massage, body treatments and facials. No waxes, hair, manicure or pedicure services.

Last night, after directly arriving on property, I did a holiday special at the spa: the Cranberry Pomegranate Body Bliss. 105 minutes, $275, my therapist used fresh cranberry and pomegranate with sugar to scrub all the dead skin off my body. Then I was wrapped in body butter while my scalp and neck were massaged before I received a full body massage. Not sure what I can say about the massage since I believe I feel asleep during a portion of it so take that as a recommendation.

As for the scrub itself, I just have a minor, MINOR critique. When I was at The Pink Sands Club on Wednesday, I had a similar service (scrub + massage combo) and my personal preference is to have long, length wise hand motions to scrub the skin, which The Pink Sands Club did impeccably without any prior notification of my preference in scrubs. At The Ritz Carlton Residence the scrub was applied in tiny, short, scrubs perpendicular to my body rather than parallel to my body. Again, this is a personal preference of mine because I prefer my scrubs to more closely resemble a massage but hardly a real critique.

I mean, c'mon. I feel asleep during the process. I've only done that once before at the Jumeriah Spa in the Maldives!

Yesterday morning I tried another spa treatment, this time the "Lux Holiday Facial." 80 minutes, $265. "Indulge in a champagne-infused treatment that will lift your spirits and reveal radiant skin for a healthy holiday sparkle." My facial was perfect. I particularly liked the two different kinds of the masks, the send one had a pepperminty fresh tingly feel, wherein my skin literally sparkled. I liked it so much I asked if I could buy it but they said it wasn't something sold. Well, as a spa junkie, I would tell the Head of the Spa Program at the entire company, they need to bottle that up, charge $150 and sell it because I would buy an entire box of it!

PHOTO: Brilliant sunset from my balcony (c) Sery Kim

After the spa treatment, I did the aforementioned leisurely stroll before I sat down to my pool-side cabana for three hours of researching and reading. A late lunch of the burger and sweet potato fries -- you really must have this extraordinary burger which is the literal best burger I have had all year. I have no idea how they keep a soft, regular bread roll completely intact when there is a near four inch-tall combination of perfectly cooked meat, bibb lettuce, tomato and red onion. So good. I regret I am on a mandatory diet since I have put on some weight since my big sister gave me five bags of her leftover Halloween candy (obviously I have been eating it all the last 7 weeks) or else I would order another one today and tomorrow!

Then I saw the most beautiful sunset to close out the day. From my balcony, I could see plenty of boats and yachts nearby Waikiki Beach. Perhaps they were there to prep for the 7:45 pm fireworks show. Most likely they were just there enjoying the balmy 75 degree weather. My poor friends back home in Washington, D.C. keep sending me "hateful" messages about how jealous they are that I am so warm whereas their high temperature is currently 30 degrees.

Um ... sorry not sorry?!

Today will be my last full day in Waikiki Beach before I head home tomorrow to the freezing cold. I've had an extraordinarily relaxing stay. So fun! Many thanks to the charming team at The Ritz Carlton Residences for making my first full day on property so delightful!

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