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Happiest Photo of Today: Pink Sands Club Kid's Club

PHOTO: Eating a chocolate chip cookie (c) Sery Kim

I've had the most fun today -- THE MOST FUN -- and there is so much to write about but I just wanted to share this ONE photo because it's absolutely hilarious!

We took a property tour of The Pink Sands Club first thing this morning after breakfast. In typical fashion, I skipped breakfast and chose to work instead, only drinking coffee. So, by the time, we got to the Kid's Club at 11:00 am, I was starving marving.

I am sure I will get diabetes at some point but, for now, I took my chocolate chip cookie and like the child I am, I went straight into the oversized bean bags in the room designed in Kid's Club specifically for kids. I've never been to a better Kid's Club in my life -- and that is really saying something considering I only review ultra-luxury properties who go out of their to curate the ideal experience for their guests.

The Pink Sands Club's Kid's Club has separate rooms based upon age, as well as their own pool. I can tell you, being an adult, if I can have a blast at Kid's Club a kid can definitely have a great time!

Thanks for babysitting me! Xx

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