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Day One in Canouan: Perfect Pink Sands Club

PHOTO: View from my private jet flying into Canouan (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday I flew into Canouan and I have to say the country truly lived up to its billing. Prior to agreeing to come here, I did not know Canouan even existed. Sure, I had heard about St. Vincent and The Grenadines but Canouan? Not even close. Having come here, now I can say with confidence, the Canouan's is located in the literal heart of The Grenadines, the southern most tip of the Carribean, very close to Venezuela. Click here for a map: It's about 3.5 miles across and was initially occupied by the Dutch.

Not to blow open one of the best kept secrets of the Carribean, but The Pink Sands Club and the entire country of Canouan (for me) is truly a place of absolute tranquility. I think, so often, I forget what real peace looks like: what a life beyond the hustle of modern day life. I seek that peace each day, every morning, through my quiet times but also in trying to find places in the Washington, D.C. area where I can unplug from the world. It's not an easy thing to find ... yet it isn't until I actually come to a place where the world is still where I can contextual how little peace I have.

PHOTO: Me boarding my private jet to Canouan (c) Sery Kim

I'm so happy to be here -- and it wasn't so hard to get to from Washington, D.C. Even though the island is quite small, Canouan is not a country where you can only access it by private jet. From mainland U.S.A., you connect in Barbados with plenty of flight options. I absolutely hate flying American Airlines, for me it is the literal worst airline in the world, but that was my only option flying into Barbados. (Delta is my preferred domestic carrier.) Thankfully, once landed, you can fly a local Canouan airline.

Also you can work with The Pink Sands Club to book a private jet. I got a private jet and, I have to say, I really was meant for the private jet life!

PHOTO: Welcome "mocktail" from The Pink Sands Club (c) Sery Kim

Once landed, it is a short 10-15 minute drive over to the other side of the island where The Pink Sands Club is located. Formerly a Raffles hotel, the property was nearly gut renovated and re-built by several Italian investors (who made money in finance) with a capital investment over $120 million.

When you walk into the main foyer you can start to see where the money was spent. Carrera marble, the most breathtaking installations, and details sculpted from the keenest Italian design minds, set in the backdrop of a killer view, means the renovation wasn't merely spectacular but on a level making this worthy of a cover for Architecture Digest!

PHOTO: Juliet fine dining room at The Pink Sands Club (c) Sery Kim

I am particularly in love with my suite where there is a floor-to-ceiling mirror with a built-in Samsung television -- not going to lie, since I do not own a television, I laid in bed far too long watching movies until I fell asleep for the longest sleep I've had in over a month.

PHOTO: Sunset near the jacuzzi (c) Sery Kim

Of course, being The Pink Sands Club, flashes of the hot pink colorwheel are throughout my suite, which is double the size of my apartment.

PHOTO: My own personal conservatory (c) Sery Kim

I'm so excited to continuing to explore the property -- and if my tan and palate have anything to say about it, I am going to leave completely satiated!

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