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The best gift you can give for a DMV Christmas: CLEANLY

PHOTO: My CLEANLY pick-up (c) Sery Kim

For those of you who have followed the blog for the past two years, you know how much I travel and, equivalently, how little time I have to do the normal and "ordinary" things of everyday life such as grocery shopping and laundry. Particularly laundry. I absolutely hate to laundry because with laundry comes the spector of ironing and it really is ironing I despise the most. In fact, I would always tell hotel groups that the best way to make me happy is not to give me free drinks, food and spa treatments but to do my laundry!

YES. I know how pathetic this sounds.

Enter into my life CLEANLY which I believe is the best gift you can give anyone -- let alone someone who travels professionally for a living -- for Christmas.

Having started in New York City, CLEANLY is a pick-up laundry and dry-cleaning service which just recently branched out to Washington, D.C. Through an app, you can schedule the pick-up time; the type of service you want (laundry or dry cleaning); whether you want the items hung-up or folded; the delivery time; and even the levels of detergent and starch you want used.

PHOTO: My CLEANLY delivery (c) Sery Kim

All of this, including pick-up time and delivery time, is done through the CLEANLY app. Pricing is VERY cheap considering you are having these items delivered to your home. The only downside of the service is that it currently is only delivered to D.C. zipcodes 20001, 20002, 20005 , 20009, and 20036.

CLEANLY has said they plan on expanding to Northern Virginia in Spring 2017.

PHOTO: Courtesy of CLEANLY

So for those of you lucky enough to live in these five zip codes, CLEANLY is an absolute godsend for the busy professional. Additionally, I should identify I am incredibly picky when it comes to my dry cleaning/clothes. I literally hang my clothes in two separate closets, in color coordination, with the same color and kind of hangers, in different categories, with labels. Completely OCD about my clothes! Thus, when I say I really care about how my clothes are cleaned, I REALLY care. In fact, prior to CLEANLY, I only used HURT Cleaners in Clarendon because they really do a phenomenal job of taking care of my clothes.

Hope you will do yourself and a loved one a favor this Christmas by giving them the gift of CLEANLY. You won't regret it!!

PHOTO: Courtesy of CLEANLY

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