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Thanks ABC Let's Talk Live for having me on this morning!

PHOTO: Live on-set this morning (c) Sery Kim

I had a great time chatting with Kidd O'Shea this morning on ABC's Let's Talk Live on where to travel if you can't afford to go anywhere this holidays. The live segment was inspired by places hit ABC shows have filmed. If you missed the segment live this morning you can watch online through this link here:

Also, the Executive Producer Glenn Batte has been one of my greatest champions since I made the pivot from politics over to food and travel. It always brings me great joy to see him because not only is he a truly genuine and wonderful person, but he edifies me greatly! Today, he told me for the first time ever, "You should have your own tv show!!!"


That would be amazing! I really am the most blessed person I know. Say a prayer if you believe it to making this happen!!

PHOTO: Glenn Batte and me this morning (c) Glenn Batte

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