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Grateful for a beautiful Thanksgiving

PHOTO: My place at Thanksgiving dinner

Ompf! Like everyone else fortunate to have a place to go to on Thanksgiving, I am trying to recover as best as I can with lots of cardio and an equal amount of leftovers, ha. No seriously, I am so grateful to my wonderful friends Ryan and Taryn for having me over to their gorgeous home for dinner last night. Never more happy to be an American than when filled with a triple portion of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, rolls and the most heavenly form of gravy -- apparently the secret is in the butter ... lots and LOTS of butter!

PHOTO: My plate at Thanksgiving

It wasn't just Thanksgiving dinner. I did a pre-game activity at Blue Duck Tavern, a place I loved for a very long time before KINSHIP came into my life, but somewhere I haven't been in two years. My friend and I were both "Thanksgiving homeless," i.e. our families are living at opposite ends of the world, so we grabbed a quick drink and bit. Nothing much has changed at Blue Duck Tavern other than the award of a Michelin star. Same design, same service, same friendly faces. I guess the only main different I recognized was the famous Duck Fat Fries. They came in a small cast iron pan rather than the small, silver cylinder. Tasted the same if a bit chunkier than I remember, with less potato inside. Not bad. Just different.

PHOTO: My Blue Duck Tavern Manhattan (c) Sery Kim

My Manhattan was perfect. No ice and a little extra sweet vermouth, just how I like it! I will have to go back and try the full dinner when I have availability!

Anyway. I hope your Thanksgiving was as brilliant as mine! Until next year!!

PHOTO: Taryn and Ryan's magnificent Thanksgiving table (c) Sery Kim

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