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Thinking about Tartine Manufacturing San Francisco

PHOTO: My breakfast (for one) at Tartine Manufacturing (c) Sery Kim

Last week, I had a chance to visit the famed Tartine Manufacturing in San Francisco's Mission District and it was everything everyone said it would be! Fourteen years ago Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt opened the original Tartine Bakery to provide lucky San Francisco residents with freshly baked goods. In the ensuing years, the company -- not a restaurant -- has branched out into various bread forms including pastries, as well as ice cream and a partnership with coffee impressario Verve Coffee.

PHOTO: The ham and egg brioche (c) Sery Kim

Since I knew I wouldn't be able to get to this place again in the near future, I arrived knowing I would order anything I found to be remotely delicious. Hence, after a rather surprisingly short wait, I order four pastries but found myself really falling in food love with the above pictured Ham and Egg Brioche. The quality of the bread element goes, without saying, into tiers of exceptionalism. Having attempted once to make bread at home, I greatly admire anyone who can turn the inside of the bread, full cooked, into fluffy yet hearty goodness. Then, anchoring an open center, is a sunny-side up egg with perfectly cooked slivers of ham. I ate a bite of this and then ventured to the chocolate croissant. Drank a sip of Verve coffee and then ate another piece of Ham and Egg Brioche. Then I ate a bite of the Raspberry Brioche. Drank a sip of coffee.

Rinse. Repeat. Rewind.

Basically, I was in choleric heaven and before I knew it a leisurely hour had gone by! Of course, anything I say could barely top this thorough review of Tartine Manufacturing done by EATER so I recommend just reading this article, "How to Navigate Tartine Manufacturing:"

Happy eating!

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