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Thank you Metier!

PHOTO: At Metier last night with Ceila Laurent Ziebold, Managing Partner

We had a delightful time at Metier, the tasting room of Executive Chef and Owner Eric Ziebold and Managing Partner Ceila Laurent Ziebold. I am still trying to process the nuances of all the courses but viscerally my favorite course was the "King Trumpet and Chanterelle Mushroom Salad." Made with components including dried juniper meringue, caramelized sunchoke puree, parsley vinaigrette and Darden ham, the dish was inventively flavorful without being heavy.

PHOTO: King Trumpet and Chanterelle Mushroom Salad (c) Sery Kim

Full review to come Monday but I really was quite impressed. Of course, my favorite is still Kinship; however, Metier is a welcomed addition to the D.C. restaurant scene.

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