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Dinner in the Estate Cave at Meritage Resort and Spa

PHOTO: Last night's Estate Cave Dinner at Meritage Resort and Spa (c) Sery Kim

Located 70 minutes from the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), the Meritage Resort and Spa is located on a seemingly expansive range of nine acres covering 322 rooms as well as a massive 22,000 square-foot cavern nestled in the hillside beneath the vineyard known as "The Estate Cave." Last night we had our welcome dinner there and its easy to see why the space is rented out so frequently for weddings. It gives, for those who can not afford to travel to Europe (or who are simply not inclined), the romantic feel of Italy or Spain or France within the comfortable confines of American luxury.

Also, in The Estate Cave is Spa Terra which features natural curative treatments along with steam grottos, whirlpool baths and a relaxation lounge. Decor is natural stone and copper accents, blended with old-world Florentine architecture and furnishings, and the treatments integrate Napa Valley influences (grape seed scrub for instance). Massages, body treatments and facials are on the menu. Personally, I am quite looking forward to a morning relaxing in the spa (still have bronchitis) and will have an instant reference point with my experience at Gateway Canyons Resort and Spa on Sunday.

Then it's lunch on the Vineyard Deck before multiple wine tastings in Downtown Napa Valley! We are going to Artesa, Domaine Carneros and then just walking around Downtown Napa. Weather is sunny skies and a near-perfect high 60 degrees. I probably should have bought a bigger suitcase which I could check for all the wine I know I will be given, but that's okay. I will just ship them back home! Then it's dinner in Siena back here at Meritage.

Should be a great day!

PHOTO: Last night's dessert sampler at Meritage Resort and Spa (c) Sery Kim

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