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Four Seasons Hotel New York unveils the "LOUIS XIII experience"

PHOTO: LOUIS XIII dinner in the Garden of the Four Seasons Hotel New York

I was so fortunate to have been asked to to join the Four Seasons Hotel New York, owned by visionary hotelier Ty Warner, when they unveiled a one-of-a-kind experience entitled "LOUIS XIII." On the 13th of each month, beginning November 13, 2016, guests who reserve Four Seasons Hotel New York’s Royal Suite, the crown jewel of the property, aka "The Ty Warner Penthouse," will receive the "LOUIS XIII" experience which will feature a curated four-course dinner paired with LOUIS XIII Cognac.

The meal will be prepared by Four Seasons New York Executive Chef John Johnson and is designed specifically to complement the flavor profile of LOUIS XIII. Full menu below the photo of dinner in the "Garden."

PHOTO: General Manager of the Four Seasons Hotel New York Mehdi Eftekari and Philippe Vasilescu, LOUIS XIII’s New York Ambassador

Amuse Bouche |

Chefs’ seasonally inspired creation

First Course |

Chaud Froid of King Crab | Chaud: Meyer Lemon Caviar Butter Poached King Crab Leg | Froid: King Crab Apple and Avocado Roll | Spiced Cognac Remoulade

Second Course |

Wild Black Sea Bass| Pot au Feu | Cognac Lobster Broth | Foie Gras Lobster Raviolo

Third Course |

Tea Smoked and Roasted Crescent Farms Duck Steak | Shinsu Apples | Remy cured Foie Gras Brulee | compressed Subaroshi Pears

Fourth Course |

Fallen Mille Feuille of Heirloom Apples | Butterscotch Crème Diplomat | Golden Apple Gelee

For someone like me who does not know the history of cognac, particularly of Remy Martin's legendary LOUIS XIII, the cognac made its debut in 1874. According to Remy Martin, the "cognac represents an intricate alchemy blended of up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie, created from grapes born of the soft chalky soils of Grande Champagne, the first cru of Cognac and most coveted growing area at the heart of France’s Cognac region. LOUIS XIII cognac is the ultimate expression of the mastery of time, as each decanter takes four generations of cellar masters over 100 years to craft. The result is a delicate balance of savoir-faire and craftsmanship, as well as decades of careful attention and, quite simply, patience."

PHOTO: Second course of appetizers in the Royal Suite (c) Sery Kim

For me, the cognac was powerfully sinful, particularly when paired with a three course appetizer of different kinds of caviar. (I am a true Francophile so I love anything caviar and foie gras related.) Additionally, I had never had the pleasure to stay in the hotel or to experience the Ty Warner Penthouse. It really is so cavernous I actually got lost while I was in there! NO SERIOUSLY. I got lost and had to call out for help!! HILARIOUS!!

“Four Seasons Hotel New York’s suite experience and tasting with LOUIS XIII Cognac exemplifies our commitment to providing our elite guests with superlative experiences unrivalled in luxury hotels,” said Mehdi Eftekari, General Manager, Four Seasons Hotel New York.

PHOTO: My welcome dessert from the Four Seasons Hotel New York (c) Sery Kim

An added benefit to the suite experience -- as if anyone staying there needed another benefit -- with each curated culinary suite experience at Four Seasons Hotel New York, Philippe Vasilescu, LOUIS XIII’s New York Ambassador, will provide an intimate tasting of LOUIS XIII Cognac, guiding guests through the pairing and highlighting each exquisite flavor of this luxurious spirit. LOUIS XIII will be served in a ceremonious style using a white gold pipette to extract the liquid from the iconic crystal decanter and guests will drink from the specially designed LOUIS XIII Pillet glasses, which will be engraved with their initials and provided as a remembrance of this special evening.

PHOTO: My beautiful Baccarat cognac glass embossed with my initials (c) Sery Kim

“Since its creation, LOUIS XIII has honored some of the most significant moments in history, but has also proven the ideal accompaniment for more intimate celebrations, as its complex flavor and legacy lends itself to meaningful conversation and memorable moments,” said Yves de Launay, Vice President LOUIS XIII - Americas. “To taste LOUIS XIII is truly a special, unparalleled experience and it only makes sense to offer guests at some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts the opportunity to create their own memories with LOUIS XIII.”

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