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Favorite coffee shop in D.C.: Dolcezza

PHOTO: Dolcezza Dupont Circle (c) Sery Kim

While there are a plethora of chain coffee shops in the DMV -- ubiquitous Starbucks, delicious and cheap Dunkin Donuts, efficient Pret-a-Manger, and my chain favorite Peet's -- sometimes its just nice to have a local coffee shop you can haunt. For me, Dolcezza has been my go-to whenever I am in Washington, D.C. I truly enjoy the smooth luxury of their coffee as well as their warmed chocolate croissants. Additionally, particularly in the fairly new CityCenterDC location, there is plenty of clean counter space and high-speed wifi to make writing and researching remotely quite effective. Truly, it makes me very happy whenever I get a chance to catchup with friends and they accept the invitation to join me at Dolcezza.

As a side note, Dolcezza is also well beloved for their gelato, which are crafted from/by ingredients sourced from local farmers. Be sure to check out all of their goodies at several locations throughout the DMV. Full list here:

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