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Obsessed with CLEANLY!

PHOTO: My CLEANLY pickup (c) Sery Kim

Some people love to do laundry but, for me, I don't. I don't like to do laundry or take my things to the dry cleaners (most of my clothes are dry clean only although, since I decided to travel full-time, I have made a switch to hand wash items I can take care of myself in the hotel bathroom sink). I particularly find zero pleasure in ironing! But I do like everything in my life to be nice, orderly and CLEAN.


CLEANLY was a complete lifesaver for me this past week. I moved on Wednesday and, for the first time in two years, took out items from my storage unit. Bedding, clothes, everything which required a wash, I took out. After doing about six loads of laundry on the first day, I had enough and took up CLEANLY's kind offer to let me be the first in the DMV to try out their app based product.


For lucky New Yorkers, since 2014, CLEANLY eliminated the dreaded laundry day for New Yorkers by allowing users to input in their app their laundry and dry cleaning preferences. After two years of incredible success in Manhattan and Brooklyn, they’re expanding their services to Washington, D.C. with services to come in Northern Virginia three to four months later.

Great news for D.C. residents since, so far in D.C., there are really only two options for laundry services: the time consuming DIY method or competing apps that have consistently lower user ratings than CLEANLY. Not only does CLEANLY leverage the convenience of mobile technology to provide users with laundry and dry cleaning services, but I can schedule the (1) day, (2) pick-up time, (3) drop-off time, and (4) even conceivable combination of how I want my items cleaned: hot water, cold water, warm water, folded, hung, etc.

PHOTO: My cleaned items by CLEANLY (c) Sery Kim

Check here on their website to see if they are in your DMV zipcode. I'm a huge fan! Can't wait to use it again!!

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