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Another ABC DC Refined story from me this week

PHOTO: Maboneng Arts District (c) Sery Kim

I've had the craziest week! Between moving to my own home for the first time after two years of non-stop travel, getting a new client for my new consulting firm, and the ridiculous amounts of rain in successive days in the DMV, I've barely managed to get any sleep. (Plus there was the whole issue of not having a bed and sleeping on my wood floors ... don't get me started on that one!) However, I am very happily, almost, settled into my new place. My new TINY company is very stressful yet the time flies by because I really am passionate about what I do. There's nothing like being an entrepreneur. And, of course, I am really loving catching up and seeing all of my friends!

But in the midst of all of this, I've been quite bad at keeping up with the blog. I will renew my vigor to be a regular poster starting tomorrow! This will be helped, quite a bit, by the fact I slept 8 hours last night and 9 hours the night before. For someone who gets by on 4 hours of sleep, that's really saying something!

So, long story short, here's my latest article for ABC's DC Refined. You can read about how I traveled to South Africa on a budget and how you can too through this link here:

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