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Off to Bora Bora!

PHOTO: View of Los Angeles from above (c) Sery Kim

Hard to believe the entire summer flew by and now, upon me, is five days and four nights in exquisite Bora Bora. I am exhausted already from a crazy work week -- and the relentless drive to success will not relent while I am in Bora Bora -- however it will be nice to wake up to views which words can not adequately describe.

I can only hope I make it through the long-haul flight. My flight from D.C. to L.A. was not great. Normally I am super excited to fly Virgin America and certainly felt this way when I boarded the 5 1/2 hour flight. But I was shocked to see how aged the plane was when I boarded. Standard 3/3 configuration with beat-up seats.

Apparently all the money went to Virgin Atlantic and not Virgin America.

Then there was the issue of food/service/wifi/entertainment. Before Alaska Airlines bought Virgin America, I got free snacks and headphones to watch a glut of up-to-date entertainment. On today's flight I had to pay $3 for headphones, got zero snacks, had no free entertainment except satellite television and was bored to tears because the internet not only cost me $29.95 but was SO. SLOW.

Never again Virgin America. I'm going to stick with Delta and United! But, as I say, the only way to get from DC to London is with Virgin Atlantic. It's what I fly!!

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