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Bo-Kaap color in Cape Town

PHOTO: My South Africa outfit in Bo-Kaap neighborhood of Cape Town (c) Sery Kim

While I have been to South Africa before, I have never had the pleasure of going to Cape Town. Though Paris and Istanbul will always have my heart as the global cities I most want to live in, I think Cape Town is now going to placed amongst the triumverate. There is just so much culture and food and great people, plus the ridiculously great return on the dollar as opposed to the rand.

PHOTO: Obsessed with this artwork entitled "View from my studio" (c) Sery Kim

Less than 20 years ago, this city was rife with apartheid. Nelson Mandela and his other political prisoner friends were locked up for no concrete reason. Just the mere fact they believed something different than the ruling class was reason enough to jail them. Additionally, colored people/blacks had to leave the city at 10 pm unless they were escorted out due to the nature of their jobs as servants. CRAZY TO THINK.

Here in the Bo-Kaap neighborhood of Cape Town, freed blacks lived and expressed their freedom by painting their houses in bright, BRIGHT colors. Every color of the rainbow is found in these few city blocks and it has become a great tourist destination. Check it out here:

More to come. Sorry the sequencing of the events/visits is completely out of order. I barely have consistent internet anywhere so I am doing the best I can with what I have. Comprehensive review of my entire South Africa trip to come as well!!

Happy Sunday!!

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