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Kimpton Glover Park

PHOTO: Lamp at Kimpton Glover Park (c) Sery Kim

I had back-to-back nights at the two new Kimpton Hotels in DC. First was Mason & Rook, which I really enjoyed, and the Glover Park one. Unlike Mason & Rook, which was a bottom-up built, the Glover Park Hotel was a mere remodel. While there were upgrades to the general decor, the bathrooms remained tiny -- as were the televisions. Also, there was a dramatic dearth of air conditioning in the foyer, lobby, elevators and hallways. Considering it was the hottest day in DC all year on Friday, this was not the way to be. Thankfully, I only had to sleep there and the bed was quite comfortable.

PHOTO: Bed at Kimpton Glover Park (c) Sery Kim

I think, perhaps, the most redeeming aspect of the hotel (other than the view) was the terrifically friendly staff. The staff at Mason & Rook were incredibly unfriendly and unhelpful, which I associate more with an uppity boutique store rather than a hotel. Maybe it was the melty nature of the lack of air conditioning which brought out a cheerful "we will survive" mentality at Glover Park. Whatever it was, it was a nice change.

Still if I had to chose between the two, I would chose Mason & Rook.

PHOTO: View from my room at Kimpton Glover Park (c) Sery Kim

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