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Another lovely evening at Kinship

PHOTO: Kinship Roasted Chicken (c) Sery Kim

Without question, whenever I have a "go-to" event in Washington, D.C. -- be it birthday, work dinner, catching up with old friends -- I typically make a reservation at Executive Chef and Owner Eric Ziebold's stupendous restaurant Kinship. This time, when I came back from France, someone else made the reservation and did all the work. I have to say I really enjoy being taken care of in this manner!

Located in the blossoming Mount Vernon area, next door to the former home of The Columbia Room, Kinship presents an upmarket American menu focused on bringing to life simple classics with a luxurious twist. The menu often changes, which is yet another excuse for me to return so frequently, but the Roasted Chicken is the not-to-miss dish (pictured above).

Cooked for a minimum of 90 minutes, the Roasted Chicken is juicy, enticing in an almost velvety texture, with a dichotomous crispy skin. Frisee salad with some gently warmed mushrooms adds some fresh levity. Note, if the chicken is the preferred option, you need to order it at the start of the meal for the kitchen to have enough time to prepare it.

Of course, I always finished with the Salted Caramel Peanut Butter for dessert, but this time I tried two new items, including one new dish to the men. The Yellowfin Tuna Takaki is classic to the menu, offering diners a colorful dish at a room temperature. Evenly seasoned, not too salty or zany, with some crisp for texture, I've never known anyone to dislike this plate. However, for me, my new starter will be the Crispy Kasseri Cheese.

PHOTO: Yellowfin Tuna Takaki (c) Sery Kim

Even after more than a week in France, where cheese is seemingly as abundant as air, as soon as I saw a cheese option on the menu, I wanted to try more cheese. Yet, having read the description, I was a bit put-off by the idea of red onions accompanying a cheese dish. I don't want red onions with cheese unless both are on a hamburger. Still, my palate was curious, and I trust Eric's cooking so I trusted him with this cheese marriage adventure. The dish was perfection -- you could barely taste the red onions -- and I demolished it forthwith.

Truly, everything about the dinner was sublime. I'm so glad I could come home to D.C. for this beautiful evening.

Looking forward to heading back again for my next big celebration!

PHOTO: Salted Caramel Peanut Butter (c) Sery Kim

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