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Last Day in Bordeaux : SHOPPING!!!

PHOTO: Shopping day in Bordeaux (c) Sery Kim

Whenever I am abroad, I always do my shopping there because I hate wearing the same outfit everyone always wears in the U.S. Plus, because I do t.v., I feel this self-inflicted desire to wear a new outfit for every appearnace; therefore, I am forever "in need" to be dressed well.

Someone once suggested to me that I rent my t.v. outfits from some of the various online boutiques. While I admire the heck out of Rent-the-Runway's business model, if I am going to spend $50 on renting a dress I would rather buy it. Thank goodness for Europe, especially France, where I can always find wonderfully affordable finds in vintage and boutique shops. (Other great countries are Spain, Portugal and of course Italy.)

Today, I took a day to myself apart from the larger Uniworld crowd. After six straight days of being on board with the same people, in a tiny cabin, doing the same itinerary, you kinda do want your own space. Don't get me wrong. I have enjoyed my leisurely time upon the river but I just wanted to wander and "be lost" in my own way.

Since we are remaining docked in Bordeaux all day, I woke up late, leisurely drinking two of the delicious cappuccinos onboard Uniworld, before setting out at 11 am. Fortunately for me, by 12:30 pm I had managed to find myself three dresses which I thought were t.v. worthy. Two were a mere 39 euro and one was 49 euros. SO EXCITING!!! Plus I found a belt for 10 euro. This makes me really happy because while I love big, baggy dresses, I use belts to ensure my figure is seen.

PHOTO: My 49 euro dress (c) Sery Kim

Now, while the people in Bordeaux suggest you go shopping at Rue St. Catherine, I absolutely HATED it. It is super crowded with people, particularly on a Saturday, and filled with either cheap stuff or all chain stores. UGH. Gross chain stores filled with the exact same people wearing the exact same clothes shopping for the exact same manufactured outfit. HATED IT. But, since I like to wander and walk, I found myself on the best boutique street, Rue de Pas-Saint-George. This is where I found my three wonderful dresses.

PHOTO: Rue de Pas-Saint-Georges (c) Sery Kim

To get there from where the Uniworld ship docks, just walk along the waterfront until you get a block past the Monument Aux Girondins. This is a singular tall monument just off the main square (where the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux is at, home of the three Michelin starred Gordon Ramsay restaurant). You take a right turn at the Place de la Bourse onto a tiny side street, Rue Philippart.

When you curve around, maybe 300 feet later, you will pass the most popular brunch bistro Chez Karl on your right. Immediately after the bistro, the first store on the right is Blackbird. Filled with super cute dresses, both affordable and well made. I really liked four dresses but forced myself to only buy two. Then, I immediately went next door to Dressing Des Copines. Of the two stores, I prefer Blackbird, but I did get my lovely blue lace dress above at Dressing Des Copines. Both are great and this entire street is filled with gorgeous things: jewelry, foie gras shops, clothes, shoes and plenty of purses.

Whether you are a clothes fan or not, Bordeaux is worth visiting for some of the special sweet treats. Be sure to stop by the Mason Georges Georges Larnicol for some delicious chocolates. It is one of the rare, and very difficult to obtain, Meilleur Ouvrier de Frances. I bought a bunch of sweets for my sister and brother in D.C. I wish I could have bought this NBA chocolate figurine but I knew I would destroy it in transit.

PHOTO: Chocolate NBA figurine at Mason Georges Larnicol (c) Sery Kim

And, for those, who don't really care to visit Bordeaux -- not even for the wine -- when their time abroad is limited, France is building a high-speed, two-hour train from Paris to Bordeaux so you can pop down here for a day next year.

Until again, cheers!!

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