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Day "2" of Uniworld : Bicycling through Medoc

PHOTO: Medoc, France's extremely quaint outskirts of Chateau Lynch-Bages (c) Sery Kim

After two days of endless drinking and eating, I was more than enthused about the prospects of a long afternoon bike ride through Bordeaux. Additionally, the weather in France has been shockingly sensational. Barely a drop over 70 during the day and not a cloud in the sky. While most of the riders, particularly the Americans, were dressed for the gym in shorts, trainers and pigtails, and even though the ride was supposed to be three hours, I dressed like a Parisian woman (flirty summer dress and wedge heels) for the ride. The men on the ride were duly impressed -- and not just because of my outfit but because I also pushed myself to be first. First always, in everything, FIRST!!

Of course, the pace was quite leisurely due to the age of the crowd so it wasn't too much of a stretch for me to be at the top of the crowd. I do cycling class twice-a-week back in D.C. However, I was impressed by the largeness of the group who chose to ride. Despite being an average age of 65, at least 70% of the cruise attendees chose to bike. Marvelous! I truly do want to retire to a life where I just bop around from ships, hotels and leisurely luxury estates.

PHOTO: Cafe Lavinal, the boutique cafe of Chateau Lynch-Bages (c) Sery Kim

Three hours of biking later, we landed in the tiniest boutique town, which surrounded Chateau Lynch-Bages. I think there were maybe three stores: this cafe (which is owned by the chateau), a shopping boutique (mostly wine related items) and a postage station. For someone like me who loves to shop, the shopping thus far has been quite disappointing. I've only bought wine and postcards to send back home. Usually I like to buy a dress to wear on t.v. Not likely to happen on this trip I am afraid.

PHOTO: The 19th century upstairs of Chateau Lynch-Bages (c) Sery Kim

Bordeaux is mainly known for its red wine and Chateau Lynch-Bages' wines were nice. Nothing amazing but solid. I'm sure sommeliers will be able to better describe this slightly bitter wine. Me? I liked it but wouldn't buy a bottle.

Still I'm glad I went out to the wine tasting on Tuesday. In fact, I enjoyed the biking-and-wine-touring so much I signed up for the remaining two days (Friday and Saturday). Should be a brilliant time!

PHOTO: Wine holder circa 19th century (c) Sery Kim

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