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An evening stroll in Bordeaux

PHOTO: Sunset in Bordeaux, France (c) Sery Kim

I lifted this description of Bordeaux straight from Google since I have been in the area for a mere three days, with my extended tour of Bordeaux not happening until Friday, so what little knowledge I have of the city (outside of its famed wine) is what Google says. "Bordeaux, in southwestern France, is a port city on the Garonne and hub of the famed wine-growing region. It’s known for its Gothic Cathédrale St-André, as well as its many fine and contemporary art museums and 18th- and 19th-century mansions. Public gardens line the curving river quays, and grand Place de la Bourse opens to the water, with the Three Graces fountain at its center."

One of the most surprising elements of Bordeaux is how late the sun sets in August. After dinner on Monday, I took a three mile stroll along the river quays to help my digestion, as well as burn off all of the calories I have been consuming. Staying healthy/slim/fit is one of the most challenging aspects of being a food-and-traveling writer, but if you dedicate yourself to doing exercise every day it is fairly manageable. Plus, when I am home I do a hybrid mix of Flywheel, Soulcycle, hot yoga at Down Dog Yoga, and walking approximately 6 miles outside every day.

It really helps.

Anyway. Digressing. The scene alongside the riverside in Bordeaux is very lively, even at 9:30 pm on a weeknight. I came across at least one formal concert, two informal concerts, several sessions of roller-blading, a real skate-park and plenty of families and couples enjoying the blissful 70 degree weather. I did not feel, even a moments hesitation, for my personal safety even when the Uniworld Cruise staff seemed surprised I wanted to venture out at that time of night. It's France, not Iran. I figured I would be okay and I completely was. In fact, I think it felt more safe than being in the streets of New York City at that time.

I put on my headphones and just let myself enjoy the scenery. The photo above was a lucky shot from me. Towards the end of my stroll, I happened upon these flowers. I love flowers so I usually stop when I come across the lovely garden, but what really struck me about these flowers was how the shade of the blooms exactly matched the pink in the first horizon layer of the sunset. Quite lovely, I thought.

Yesterday we went bicycling through Medoc. My favorite day so far. Be sure to check into the blog later this week for the full details!

PHOTO: Sunset last night onboard in Libourne, France (c) Sery Kim

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