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Next review: KLM Business Class

PHOTO: Screenshot on iphone of KLM business class website (c) Sery Kim

Two months ago I received an assignment to go to Burgundy and Provence, France to review the Uniworld Cruise and I've been looking forward to drinking, riding a bicycle, looking at UNESCO World Heritage sites and basically relaxing on one of the best luxury river cruises in the world. Tomorrow the day has finally arrived for me to go wheels-up after three months off the road -- real life is not under-rated I assure you when you travel for a living! -- but my flight with Air France got changed because they went on strike. Again. For the third time this year, I believe.

I lucked out and got rebooked on KLM. While I have never flown the Royal Dutch Airline, I am super thrilled my first experience will be on their business class. YAY!

Here's to another great adventure ... and hopefully lots of marvelous memories and super stories!


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