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Off to South Africa!

PHOTO: Giraffes in Sabi Sand Game Reserve (c) Sery Kim

It's been about a hot minute since I have been in South Africa at the impeccable Sabi Sabi, approximately 18 months to be exact, and I can't believe I am headed back. I'm so fortunate to have been asked by the South African Tourism Board to go for two weeks all across their lovely country. From Johannesburg to Cape Town to Free Town and even another safari, this time at Kruger National Park, I am a lucky girl!

Tickets are booked! Let's do this!

PHOTO: The foyer view, no filter needed, when I first entered the Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: I looked so young -- and it was just 18 months ago! (c) Sery Kim

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