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Almost time for my Uniworld Cruise Burgundy, France

PHOTO: A suite onboard Uniworld's SS Catherine courtesy of Google Images

In approximately two weeks I start the first leg of my extended travels abroad with the impeccable Uniworld "Burgundy and Provence" river cruise. Starting in Avignon and ending in Lyon, this stately luxury boat will take me along the Rhône and Saône River's wine region. I'll let the company explain what it is below:

Follow in the footsteps of Van Gogh, Cézanne and Gauguin on this exquisite all-inclusive journey through southern France; the same beautiful countryside and culture that inspired the masters will now inspire you. Cruise the serene Rhône and Saône rivers, enjoying the region’s incomparable wine and cuisine and discovering its many treasures—from the medieval wonders of UNESCO-designated Avignon to the lively Les Halles food market in Lyon.

While in Arles, discover a Roman amphitheater still in use after millennia. Visit Avignon's majestic Palace of the Popes. Enjoy a recital of music composed by Bach and Handel while in enchanting Viviers. Spend time in Beaune, the wine capital of the region, and taste the Côtes du Rhône wines while at the Hermitage vineyards.

Explore unforgettable “Burgundy & Provence” where tradition is as deeply rooted as the historic grapevines on the hills.

Also, for foodie's, Lyon is considered France’s culinary capital and home to Chef Paul Bocuse, considered an ambassador of modern French Cuisine. Experience some of the Bocuse magic at the l'Institut Paul Bocuse. Go in search of the “black diamond” at La Rabassière truffle farm where you’ll walk through the truffière with the owners and their trusted dog learning how they cultivate the “black diamond.” Celebrate the tradition of winemaking at an induction ceremony by Saint Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage Winemakers Brotherhoods. Wine, prized truffles and a taste of history are only a few of the highlights of this very special, once-in-a-lifetime culinary journey.

PHOTO: A suite onboard Uniworld's SS Catherine courtesy of Google Images

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