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Off to my inaugural trip to Firenze!

PHOTO: Courtesy of Four Seasons Firenze

I've always had a special place in my heart for Italia. After last year's epic birthday on the Amalfi Coast, I made the decision to create a new tradition of heading to Positano, Prariano, Ravello and Capri each year. (Of course, this got usurped when I received a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to go to the Maldives for my birthday this year.)

In lieu of Amalfi, I plotted Lake Cuomo and of course the flawless Il Borro for later in the year. But not Firenze. I love it -- and would love to stay at the J.K. Firenze -- but alas the stars have not aligned.

Then, out of nowhere, is this invitation to join the Four Seasons Firenze. WHEEEE! (That's adult for "awesome.") Can't wait to head there in a few weeks and kick start an extended round of travel.

It's going to be an amazing fall to close out what has been one of the best year's of my life! Here's to the next best thing!

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