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Safely Landed to the Maldives

PHOTO: Maldives Airport (c) Sery Kim

After a relatively painless 19+ hour flight from Washington, D.C. to the Maldives via a 50 minute layover in Dubai, my Jumeirah Vittaveli "taxi" -- essentially a 20 foot boat since all resorts are required to pick up passengers are the airport -- had me speeding off to the property in quick order. (Some countries you leave by an ugly old car with a terrible view ... in the Maldives this is your view ... )

This was my first time traveling to the Maldives and since I have a monster case of jet lag, sleeping only 2 hours both nights I have been here and 2 hours on the long-haul flight, I ascertained that I have never traveled this far ever. When I went to Antarctica, the flight to Argentina was around 11 hours. Even Hawaii was 15 hours and while I have been to South Africa that flight was just around 16 hours as well. Of course, I don't remember how long my Asia flights were but I'm pretty sure they weren't in the 19-20 hour range. Ah ... the first world problems of a travel writer!

19 hours ... jetlag ... ugh, MEGA. The only upside is I am in the Maldives. Actually there are two upsides. I am in the Maldives *AND* I am working remotely in the Maldives so, since I can't sleep, it's basically like I am working full-on in the East Coast time-zone with impeccable ocean views.


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