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Beautiful Springtime in D.C.

PHOTO: Spring morning in D.C. at CityCenterDC (c) Sery Kim

While it is surprisingly frosty in D.C., spring has definitely sprung with bits-and-pieces of bright color all throughout my hometown. Mostly this has to do with the on-going Cherry Blossom Festival celebration, but I think all the color also is a result of the knowledge consistent warm weather is just around the corner.

Also, for me, each time I return to D.C. from extended time on the road, I am struck by how much my city has changed. CityCenterDC perfectly encapsulates this spirit of gentrification, renovation, as well as the sheer glut of money consistently coming into our Nation's Capital. I find it fascinating and a bit odd at the same time.

For instance, today when I parked my car at the garage in CityCenterDC, I looked up and saw this string of beautiful cherry blossom colored lights. Lovely! I thought how blessed I was to start my wonderful life with this perfect view.

Life. Is. Beautiful.

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