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Happy Easter from Chez Madeline | Le Marais | Paris | France

PHOTO: My gorgeous Lebanese lunch at Chez Madeline (c) Sery Kim

Today we journeyed from the French countryside of Evian-les-Bains (right across Lac Leman from Geneva) back to Paris for a gorgeous Easter Sunday. Since all of us had, by this point, spent enough days (and nights, to be frank) eating and drink copious amounts of gorgeous French foie gras, beef, chicken, fish, vegetables, cheese, dessert and every kind of delectable wine, our stomachs brightened at the offer to venture into something a bit different for Easter Sunday. "Lebanese anyone?" "Oui oui!"

Hidden away, seemingly in the heart of bustling Le Marais district, this tiny Lebanese restaurant is blocks from the teeming lines at numerous famous falafel houses. While the lines to enter there on a holiday weekend -- and a Sunday no less for just take-away -- lasted well into the 60-75 minute range, our guide/boss/sherpa was more than knowledgeable. Quickly we were whisked past the punishingly famished crowds to Chez Madeline.

Upon sitting in the dining room, which generously would seat about 30, we frantically tried to read the menu while eye-balling the dishes coming out. "Que est-ce-que ... ("What is the lady to the right of me having?") I tried to painfully push out in my broken French. What I ordered is what she had, and to say our stomachs were truly "WOWED" would be an epic understatement. Happiness? Joy? Perfection? WHAT WAS THIS TINY BOUTIQUE RESTAURANT IN MARAIS with the signage reading "No wifi. No laptop. No photographs." Simply Chez Madeline.

Be sure to tune into the blog for more on this sensational meal. Until then, I am blessed to have witnessed gastronomic perfection ... merci beaucoup Mme Madeline!

Chez Madeline

39 Rue de Paris

92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

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