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Thank you Kinship, the BEST restaurant in D.C. right now!

PHOTO: The magnificent Chesapeake Bay Rockfish at Kinship (c) Sery Kim

Rarely, if ever, do I think of how exactly I am going to convey how stunningly magnificent a restaurant is while I am simply going through the first cocktail. Yet, from my first sip of the coolly refreshing and bright Sicilian Riveria (Russian Standard Vodka, Aperol, Salted Blood Orange Cordial, and Lime) at Kinship, I was smitten. SOLD. My exceedingly delightful server Corbin playfully teased, "I picked this drink to match your outfit," and indeed the bursting pink citrus of the Sicilian Riveria was a perfect match to the bright forals on my favored Amanda Uprichard sundress.

Everything at legendary Executive Chef/Owner Eric Ziebold's (and his gorgeously marvelous wife Celia Laurent) restaurant Kinship last night was impeccable. Flawless. Obsessively magnificent ... so much I literally made another reservation for dinner before I walked out the door. Truly, that's how blown-away I was by the atmosphere, the food, the presentation, the service ... everything. Not only was Kinship the best restaurant I have eaten at in Washington, D.C. over the last 9 years of residence, but perhaps one of the best restaurants I have EVER eaten at.

I can't wait to relive this experience today by going through my notes. Until then, BE SURE TO GO TO MAKE YOUR OWN RESERVATION. It's tough to get in, but worth the wait.

PHOTO: Kinship's gorgeous menu (c) Sery Kim

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