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Luminous Le Cinq finally gets its 3 Michelin Stars

PHOTO: Le Cinq courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel George V

In the hyper competitive context of French cuisine, where the most three-Michelin starred restaurants exist, the sublime in every-way Le Cinq has been awaiting its third Michelin star for far too long.

House in the immaculate Four Seasons Hotel George V, I have long thought if Le Cinq where in any other city, in any other country, it would have had the coveted highest rating in the acclaimed Michelin Guide years ago. However, in a country known for its passionate, nearly innate culture of refined palates and innovative while accessible dishes, a country which has to brought to the forefront luminous names like Pierre Gagnaire, Alain Ducasse and Éric Fréchon, winning a third Michelin star is as arduous as winning an Olympic Gold Medal in Women’s Figure Skating.

PHOTO: Le Cinq courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel George V

But today Le Cinq no longer sits on the fringes as a bridesmaid to the 10 other Parisian restaurants with three Michelin stars. After just one year as Executive Chef at Le Cinq (though with 12 years as a three-Michelin star Executive Chef at Pavillon Ledoyen), Christian Le Squer has brought Le Cinq its coveted final star in the 2016 Michelin Guide.

Additionally, in addition to this prestige, Chef Le Squer was recently awarded an outstanding score of 19/20 and a 5th toque in the 2016 Gault et Millau making the Four Seasons Hotel George V the only luxury hotel in Paris to achieve this double distinction.

“I am delighted to have been awarded this third star – every fine Chef’s goal – for the magnificent Parisian luxury hotel that is Four Seasons Hotel George V. My thanks go naturally to my culinary brigade and the dining room team, who do a fabulous job every day alongside me, and to Éric Beaumard, renowned Director of the restaurant and past winner of Europe’s Best Sommelier.

PHOTO: Christian Le Squer courtesy of Stephane de Bourgies

José Silva, Vice President and General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel George V, adds: “I am proud of this third Michelin star. The arrival of Chef Chrisian Le Squer, triple-starred for the last twelve years, was key in the reposiUoning of Le Cinq as one of the finest Parisian gourmet restaurants, and this third star confirms its legitimacy. I have high culinary aspirations for the Hotel. Our owner and the Four Seasons group have provided unwavering support in this quest, enabling me to develop a variety of restaurant offerings in terms of decor, menu and talent. We are the first luxury hotel to be working with three Chefs who bring distinct and highly individual culinary signatures in each of our three restaurants.”

PHOTO: Interior Courtyard of Four Seasons Hotel George V (c) Sery Kim

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