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Already snow-crazy? Here's what's open in DC today

PHOTO: A truck barreling merrily through the two feet of snow in Clarendon, Virginia at 830 am (c) Sery Kim

I was already over this “historic” snowstorm before it started. After all, I am not often in DC on a Friday night and Jacob was crimping my style -- MEN, so typical to be all talk and no action (love y'all, I mean it). Plans were rescheduled by others and work closed at noon. “C’mon. It’s just snow people!” says the girl who just arrived from Antarctica.

PHOTO: A metro station in DC yesterday a little after 12 noon when the federal government shutdown (c) Sery Kim

Since wiser heads (boring) people prevailed and stated the DC metro would be closed over the weekend, I thought I might take the blizzard precautions a bit more seriously. I have beautiful pieces of snow gear from REI, Obermeyer and my amazing Sorrel boots so serious for me was venturing to the grocery store to pick up essential supplies -- Talenti ice cream, coffee creamer, a big bag of spicy nacho Doritos -- even after the apocalyptic photos posted on social media all week about empty milk, bread, egg, cheese and frozen pizza sections . This is really saying something because I haven’t grocery shopped in a year.

PHOTO: Standing inside the ice cream locked at Harris Teeter yesterday (c) Sery Kim

The grocery store wasn’t so bad since it gave me a chance to read through 3 trashy magazines or as I call them eye-candy. Plus I don’t drink milk, need bread or eat eggs unless it’s on a Sunday Funday brunch menu so everything I wanted was in stock. Also, everyone at Harris Teeter was well-behaved and polite. No fights, so boring, although a lady did yell at my sister for trying to cut in line. “Uh … this cart behind you lady is her cart. I’m just standing here watching it for her.”

As the snow began falling early afternoon, I resigned myself the snow may actually be “something,” but whether it was epic remained to be seen. When I woke up at 4 am to see a foot or more had arrived I was surprised and just a tad-bit annoyed. Snow is sublimely awe-inspiring. All the mounds of white fills me with a sense of peace and astonishment, but snow is also highly inconvenient for a city who is not prepared for even an inch of RAIN let alone an inch of snow.

By 830 am this morning, I was already stir-crazy and embarked on a nice walk around the fresh powder. Then I thought what I could possible do today. After all, not everything has to be closed today right? From what I can gather from my crack-of-dawn research, here’s where you can go today if you are already snow-crazy/stir-crazy. I'm just sad my favorite bakeshop in the country is closed.

PHOTO: Interior of Baked and Wired during the 2014 snowstorm in DC (c) Sery Kim

When I used to live in National Cathedral, during the last epic snowstorm, I trudged the couple of miles down Wisconsin Avenue to Baked and Wired. I had cupcakes and delicious coffee. Best decision I made and I just found out they are closed today. Super sad.

PHOTO: The "Unicorn" cupcaked at Baked and Wired (c) Sery Kim

But you can definitely go to all the hotels I mentioned yesterday since their food and beverage programs are up-and-running due to the guest staying over-night:!Best-DC-hotels-to-stay-during-Snowmaggedon-20/c1f6j/56a249bd0cf230b3a0f585d8.

Washingtonian, Part 1 → Here are the restaurants and bars with snowzilla deals. I think this is the best roundup I could find for DC:

Washingtonian, Part 2 → Well, these might not be the restaurants OPEN during snowzilla but at least you know they are definitely closed. At the bottom of the list are those that are “potentially” open:

BrightYoungThings → I can't vouch for the veracity of whether BrightYoungThings is cool, but they published a roundup of snowday specials here:

Enjoy the snowday D.C. residents! And be on the lookout for all the “official” snowball fights this weekend. I know there is going to be a good one on Meridian Hill Park in the Adams Morgan neighborhood Sunday.

PHOTO: A bottle of champagne this morning resting in my footstep (c) Sery Kim

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