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Best D.C. hotels to stay during Snowmaggedon 2.0

PHOTO: Christmas gifts and the renovated room at Four Seasons Washington, D.C. (c) Sery Kim

Carpocalypse. Snowmaggedon 2.0. The end of the world as we know it. After being wrong the last few “major” snowstorm predictions, benign indifference was the gut reaction for many to predictive models of 12-24 inches of snow headed to Washington, D.C. today. This quickly changed upon the one inch -- seriously D.C.!? one inch of snow -- which arrived early on Wednesday and entangled commuters for hours-on-end.

Those who hadn’t already raided the grocery store for milk, bread and eggs decided to go back. (Why do people always buy milk during a snowstorm even if they don’t drink milk?) Of course, smug urbanites with foresight and smarts to sign up for Peapod delivery tauted their genius on social media, annoying the rest of the sane world to no end.

Me? Having visited D.C., apparently, at the wrong time, I got stuck in Wednesday’s snow for four hours -- walking the last 1.5 miles home. Thankfully, I don’t have to buy groceries since I travel every week and my sister is the world’s most prepared person. But I have my amazing REI + Obermeyer Antarctica gear with me and am giddy at the new predictive models of having up to 3 feet (!) of snow. “Blizzard” conditions they say.


For those who aren’t yet prepared with snow-shovels, winter-ready homes and missed the grocery store runs, D.C. is conveniently filled with many fabulous hotels. Why stay at home in potential misery when you can be guaranteed (1) food; (2) heat; (3) company; (4) wi-fi; and (5) excellent cocktails.

Here are 7 of the best places to hide away from Snowmageddon 2.0 if you live in D.C.

PHOTO: The scintillating Pear Martini at Off The Record (c) Sery Kim

The Hay Adams -- Across the street from The White House, with the most comfortable bed in Washington, D.C., The Hay Adams Hotel is unquestionably my favorite hotel in D.C. In addition to their impeccable location (so you can fulfill all of your snowy social media dreams), as well as the aforementioned bed and marshmallow fluffy pillows, The Hay Adams has a great food and beverage program. The pastries are so mouthwateringly delectable, you will groan with joy while enjoying breakfast in bed. Also, the below-street-level bar Off The Record has enough great cocktails to make you forget its even snowing outside. Be sure to try the sensational Pear Martini by the fireplace and see if you can’t grab one of the new Donald Trump coasters drawn by Kevin “Kal” Kallaugher (not Pulitzer Prize winner Matt Wuerker).

PHOTO: Indulging in my favorite D.C. cocktail, the Mrs. Jefferson at Bourbon Steak Lounge (c) Sery Kim

Four Seasons Washington, D.C. -- Located in the heart of Georgetown, the impeccable Four Seasons has consistently been graced with nearly sold-out rooms each night since opening. And with their recent renovations, having started in stages this past fall, the Four Season’s legacy reputation as one of the best hotels in D.C. will remain untouched. Enjoy the sleek modernity (like West Elm come to life) of the revamped rooms, the oh-so heavenly bed (I literally asked if I could buy the bed), a sleep-inducing massage at their world-class spa and then linger at Bourbon Steak with my favorite cocktail in all of D.C., the “Mrs. Jefferson.”

PHOTO: One of the newly rennovated rooms at Fairmont Washington, D.C. (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: A close-up of the wallpaper, which is a map of D.C., in one of the newly renovated rooms at Fairmont Washington, D.C. (c) Sery Kim

Fairmont -- Yet another hotel in D.C. undergoing renovations, with the consistent theme of West Elm/Crate & Barrel style, this grande dame hotel located in the West End district of Georgetown has impeccable service. Plus they also have one of the best kept secrets in D.C.: the best room service pizza you will taste on the East Coast. No joke. Be sure to stay on the Club Level where your room not only gets added, near butler-esque service, but access to multiple rounds of free food (breakfast, snack, lunch, happy hour, dinner, and dessert) but a rather large selection of DVD movies to rent and watch should your Netflix be down.

The Carlyle, a Kimpton Hotel -- Located in Dupont Circle, where local D.C. residents always hold a snowball fight when their is enough snow on the ground to make them, The Carlyle is currently undergoing renovations. However, with keen foresight, they are actually running a special for Blizzard Jonas. This weekend, for only $89 you can cozy up and watch winter storm Jonas from inside this prime D.C. location with a glass of wine in hand during the hotel’s nightly complimentary wine hour. If the wine isn’t luring enough, crash on one of their Tempur-Pedic mattress made in Frette linens or head downstairs to the hot new restaurant The Riggsby. While a few dishes are uninspiring, The Riggsby is unquestionably the best restaurant in Dupont Circle (I consider my favorite Duke’s Grocery closer to 14th Street).

Sofitel -- Located in Lafayette Square (a block from The White House), the Sofitel Washington DC also has a prime location near the monuments for some great snowstorm picture taking. Additionally, the beautiful artwork and sultry red/black/white color palate in the renovations undertaken a few years ago has really brought this hotel new life. A caveat is their head chef has recently left for another D.C. hotel so I can only hope the food and beverage program remains on par.

The Jefferson -- When I have a formal event in Washington, D.C., I always head to The Quill bar inside The Jefferson hotel for pre-gaming. Beautifully sleek and sexy, the bar is ripe for titillating conversation under the mellifluous sounds of the baby grand piano playing. Plus the food program is keenly interesting as evidenced by the popularity of brunch at The Plume. Also, this is yet another hotel close to the monuments. About 3 blocks further away than The Hay Adams but still very walkable for snowpocalypse photo-taking purposes.

PHOTO: The amazing cocktails at The Rye Bar (c) Sery Kim

Capella -- Located right on the banks, in the thicket of Georgetown’s bustling shopping district, the Capella has truly become a great D.C. hotel in the last 12 months. Their beds and bathrooms have always been noteworthy (I could soak in the deep-tub with the Acqua di Parma products for a few hours), but with the addition of the impeccable Frank Ruta helming The Grill Room, Pastry Chef Aggie Chen sweeping up award after award and Elli Benchimol stewarding the cocktail program at The Rye Bar, Capella is THE (!) hotel to watch in D.C. I have no doubt they will soon be one of the top hotels in the country -- if only their rooms weren’t so pricey per night -- since they have already become my go-to destination of choice in Georgetown.

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