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Off the road for Christmas - merry merry!

PHOTO: The American Airlines Terminal at Chicago O'Hare (c) Sery Kim

When I sit and think about how many miles I have traveled this year -- and all the adventures I have been on -- I am surprised. It doesn't seem real to have flown 240,000 + miles this year, often-times bouncing from one continent to another and then back again ... usually in the same week. In fact, from December 6 to December 14th, I was in 10 different airports in 10 days.


But now I'm officially off-the-road for Christmas. Seven straight days in Washington, D.C. Of course, the 3:45 am alarm clock is still in full-effect until Christmas Eve; however, I am looking forward to waking up Christmas Day after sleeping the sleep of the dead. ;-)

Until then, MERRY CHRISTMAS wishes to you all. As for me, my wish for Christmas is that everyone I love feels how much I care for them and that our hopes for 2016 come true.



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