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Apple Fest at Pier A Harbor House

PHOTO: Pier A Harbor House courtesy of Pier A Harbor House

For those seeking an alternative to the Halloween festivities overtaking New York City this weekend, Pier A Harbor House (located where Battery Park meets the Hudston River) is putting the apple back in the "Big Apple" with its inaugural Apple Fest. Rain or sine, from 12 pm - 9 pm, the 28,000 square feet of this multi-experiential food and beverage destination will include a mixx of eating, drinking and entertainment focused on the delicious apple.

PHOTO: Apple Fest courtesy of Pier A Harbour House

To Eat:

· Farmer’s Market Stands: Visitors can fill their bags with a choice of six varieties of locally grown apples (Honey Crisp, Macoum, Golden Supreme, Gala, Cortland and Empire) supplied by three farms from the Hudson Valley – Sam Scot​t Farms, Mead Orchards and Yonder Farms.

· Apple-Inspired Cuisine: Pier A, along with Hudson Valley bakeries, will offer fall inspired and apple-based dishes including, but not limited to, red candied apples, pumpkin bread with spice pecans & cranberries, potato pancakes with homemade apple sauce, shucked oysters with cider mignonette, grilled corn on the cob with apple butter, fall festival skewers with baked apples, dates & chicken sausage, and more.

To Drink:

· Outdoor Bar Stations: Hudson Valley farmers, cideries, winemakers and distillers are providing both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages for guests. Selections will include: Ciders such as Doc’s Draft and Aaron Burr; wines from the Finger Lakes Late Harvest, Sparkling Riesling, and Long Island Cabernet Franc; cocktails featuring ‘Black Dirt’ apple brandy, American Fruits Liqueurs, and other local spirits, and cider-based cocktails.

· Non-Alcoholic Cider: Farms will provide both hot and cold cider, which will also be available in large take-home sizes. There will be live demonstrations of traditional cider pressing with an original antique press.

To Do:

· Entertainment: Activities are endless with pumpkin carving demonstrations, pie eating contests, Halloween costume contest, bobbing for apples, face painting and a children’s corn maze, all while enjoying the tunes from a live bluegrass band.

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