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Fairmont Washington D.C. announces $27 million renovation

PHOTO: Interior of Fairmont Washington D.C. newly re-designed guest rooms (c) Sery Kim

In a smart and aggressive move to compete in the highly lucrative Washington, D.C. hotel market, the Fairmont Washington D.C., located on 2401 M Street, NW, today announced a $27 million renovation of this 415 room luxury hotel.

From December 2015 to April 15, 2016, designers Pierre Josselin and Ayten Nuhoglu of New York-based Wimberly Interiors are remodeling the stately (or some would say old-fashioned) interiors into a sleekly modern yet luxuriously comfortable setting. Heavy wooden pieces of furniture, which are generously being donated to Keys for the Homeless, will be replaced with velvet tufted headboards, sublimely elegant lacquered walls, customized oversized chairs and novel pieces of art symbolizing the unique intersection of power and politics in our Nation’s Capitol.

PHOTO: Lacqured walls at the newly re-designed Fairmont Washington D.C. (c) Sery Kim

Of particular note are the rooms on Fairmont’s Gold Floor with an entire wall devoted to a map re-creating the area of Washington, D.C. adjacent to Georgetown.

PHOTO: Accent wall in the newly re-designed Fairmont Washington, D.C. (c) Sery Kim

This exciting project will (enhance) both the guest experience and the hotel’s position as the largest luxury group hotel in the nation’s capital,” said General Manager Shane Krige.

PHOTO: Art in the newly re-designed Fairmont Washington D.C. (c) Sery Kim

Additionally, the renovation will be conducted in stages -- three floors at a time -- so the hotel can remain open during the ever-popular fall and spring tourist season and will included a revamped menu at Fairmont’s classic power-lunch locale Juniper. While the ever-popular (and ever delicious) Rooftop Honey Wheat Walnut Bread ($5) remains on the menu, look for new items like the “Burger of the Month” ($22) currently a mouth-watering Salami Smoked Mozzarella.

PHOTO: Rooftop Honey Wheat Walnut Bread at Juniper (c) Sery Kim

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