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Many thanks to The Viceroy NYC

PHOTO: The view of Central Park from my suite at The Viceory (c) Sery Kim

Rarely does New York City get the kind of breezy, beautiful, low-80 degree weather in the middle of August which everyone departing the city seeks. Fortunately for me, I decided to stay in town and not only had a chance to enjoy a divine NYC summer day but also slept the blissful "sleep of the dead" at The Viceroy.

The prime location of this hotel on West 57th, between 6th and 7th, has consistently made The Viceroy a ripe pick for tourists coming into the city; however, for us New Yorkers, The Viceroy also makes a great staycation. After all, what better way to "get away" then to leave all the worries of cleaning and resting to others?

PHOTO: Welcome treats from The Viceroy (c) Sery Kim

Start your stay by popping upstairs to The Roof for exquisitely divine drinks curated by The Gerber Group while enjoying sweeping views of Central Park. Of course, this assumes there is actually room on The Roof for you to stand -- seriously, how is it the majority of attractive 28 to 40 year-olds in NYC decided my one visit to The Roof was going to be the time they come! An absolute madhouse -- "It's actually not that crazy tonight" said the very calm General Manager -- but still super fun.

PHOTO: Jalepeno Margarita on The Roof at The Viceroy (c) Sery Kim

Of course, you can stay upstairs until The Roof shuts down at 4 am or you can head downstairs to the Kingside for a nice meal before enjoying the amenities the hotels has to offer. The Park Suite is supremely spacious with two high-definition television and plush seating for enjoying a bit of binge-watching. Or pull out your laptop and laze about on the meltingly comfortable bed for a nice Netflix session.

While for bathtub lovers, you will be disappointed The Viceroy Park Suite does not have a bathtub, the large peephole shower more than makes up for it with its great water pressure and temperature. While no one can actually look into the peephole, it is amazing for you to be able to wash away the stresses of the day while overlooking one of the greatest cities in the world. I did not try the shampoo or conditioner but The Viceroy's lotion smelled of a deliciously soothing peppermint.

Many thanks to my friends at The Viceroy for this experience and be sure to tune into the blog as I publish the full view on my various outlets!

PHOTO: Shower at The Viceroy (c) Sery Kim

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