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Texas Jacks Barbecue is coming to metro D.C.

PHOTO: Final rendering of Texas Jacks Barbecue

Partners Steve Roberts and Paul Capetanakis are pleased to announce the anticipated September opening of Texas Jacks Barbecue a spacious 145-seat restaurant and bar, located at 2761 Washington Blvd., Arlington, Virginia, near either Courthouse and Clarendon Metro Stations. The 6,700 square-foot restaurant will include an outdoor patio with seating for 26.

Texas Jacks’ modern industrial design scheme is being created by Akseizer Design Group, LLC (ADG). Guests will find western murals, repurposed wood and other salvaged materials combined with sleeker urban finishes to create a comfortable, relaxing vibe for dining. A focal point is sure to be the large open kitchen and bar with seating with 14.

Final menu details will be available closer to opening.

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