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Cool off in East Hampton with FROST BITE

PHOTO: Courtesy of Peter Anton

In a playful send-up of the avant-garde world dominated by the legendary Andy Warhol, sculptor Peter Anton -- playfully dubbed “Candy Warhol” for his multi-dimensional chocolate boxes -- will be bringing some much needed icy coolness to the effervescent East Hampton social scene.

This August, Anton will convert a portion of the East Hampton’s Gallery Valentine (33 Newtown Lane East Hampton, NY) into a giant freezer for a show entitled FROST BITE. Larger than life sculptures of summertime favorites like popsicles and banana splits will evocate a heady response akin to … well, getting frostbite. “I always liked sticking my head in the freezer to cool off while searching for frozen treats on hot summer days. That feeling is what I hope to convey with this exhibit,” says Anton.

The FROST BITE exhibit runs July 29 - August 13 and is free. For more information please visit:

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