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Celebrate National S'Mores Day

PHOTO: You’re Killin’ Me S’mores at mk courtesy of mk

As the hot, dog-days of summer are upon us, hardly a moment goes by when you don’t think about sweet ways to cool-down. But one alternative to the ice cream fix is the commemoration of National S’Mores Day on August 10th. Since the Girls Scouts created this delectable mix of three ingredients -- graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate -- over a campfire in 1927, s’mores have become a staple of our tastier lives.

For those of you who want to branch-out beyond the delectable Trader Joe’s delight Smashing S’mores Delight, here are restaurants offering amazing s’mores.

Restaurant: mk

Dish: You’re Killin’ Me S’mores

Location: Chicago, IL

Description: This upscale take on the childhood campfire dessert draws reference the classic baseball movie Sandlot. Made with dark chocolate ganache, gooey marshmallow, Spanish peanuts, and graham cracker ice cream, the dish incorporates all the elements of a classic s’more but offers a more deconstructed presentation.

Restaurant: Pastaria

Dish: Camping in the Ozarks gelato

Location: St. Louis, MO

Description: At James Beard winner Gerard Craft’s approachable Italian concept, Pastry Chef Anne Croy has an open-ended canvas for creativity with the gelato program. The Chocolate Milk Stout chocolate gelato, layered with a toasted sage marshmallow gelato and sprinkled with Missouri whole wheat tiny graham crackers, inspired by Chef Croy’s summer camping trip to middle Missouri.

Restaurant: Filini Bar & Restaurant

Dish: S’more Please

Location: Chicago, IL

Description: The S’more Please Gelato Sundae is made with vanilla gelato, milk chocolate sauce, graham crackers, and toasted marshmallows, topped with whipped cream.

Restaurant: Presidio Social Club

Dish: Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich with Marshmallows

Location: San Francisco, CA

Description: House made chocolate brownie cookie, marshmallows, candied peanuts, and salted caramel ice cream came together to create a delightful -- and literally cool -- s’more ice cream sandwich.

Restaurant: Lazy Bear

Dish: Frozen S’mores

Location: San Francisco, CA

Description: Maya Erickson’s signature “treats” platter often includes a mini “frozen s’mores” ice cream sandwich. The frozen s'mores is toasted marshmallow semifreddo on top of a graham cracker. It's been dipped in tempered chocolate and topped with smoked salt.

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