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Thank you Four Seasons Bosphorus

Facebook - Good Morning Istanbul from my hideaway

PHOTO: Courtyard of the Four Seasons Bosphorus in Istanbul (c) Sery Kim

I have been ridiculously and loving spoiled by the breathtaking Four Seasons Bosphorus during my stay in Istanbul. Even without the careful attention to detail, this hotel is glorious beyond words and I would say it is worth flying to Istanbul *JUST* to stay at this exquisite property.

Be sure to tune into the blog later this week for a full review -- and also to ABC in August for an on-air segment. You can also watch a Flipagram of my entire trip on Youtube here:

Facebook - When drunken wedding guests keep you up all night, Bosphorus chocolates, Turkish delights and flowers more than adequately say th

PHOTO: Turkish Delights and Bosphorus Chocolates from the Four Seasons Bosphorus (c) Sery Kim

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