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Thank you Westin Grand Cayman

Pure shot.  No filter.  The view from my hotel room.jpg

PHOTO: View mere steps from my room at the Westin Grand Cayman (c) Sery Kim

Looking at this picture makes me nostaglic for the Westin Grand Cayman. Well ... not just nostaglic! I literally want to go back RIGHT NOW so I can lay on their pristine beach, swim in the spotless azure waters and drink copious amounts of "Mudslides" (basically Westin Grand Cayman's version of happiness in a cup). I've never had this much trouble transitioning back from a FAM (press trip) and one you read the full review, you will know why!

Be sure to check in later in July for the review and thank you Westin Grand Cayman for an experience I will not soon forget!

Facebook - My mudslide got bigfooted

PHOTO: Mudslide cocktail at the Westin Grand Cayman (c) Sery Kim

Facebook - Kimberly Mannino says this is better than a food magazine photo.jpg

PHOTO: My Beach BBQ plate at the Westin Grand Cayman (c) Sery Kim

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